Our activities are designed together with people from international organisations, associations, public and private bodies, universities, schools, cooperatives as well as trainers, participants and citizens. The participatory approach characterises the development of both training and research activities.

The following assumptions are at the basis of our work:

Partnerships to promote cooperation between territories
We conceive international development as cooperation of a territory that, going beyond the logic of aid and emergency, promotes partnerships between the public, civil society and the private sector and establishes a relationship with a partner area
Building competent communities
We provide training to develop expertise at community level in Trentino and in the partner areas; we strive to strengthen citizens’ participation and a sense of responsibility towards the common good.
International development of interest to all
We believe that training for international development should not be directed only to experts but to everybody and especially to young people
Knowledge of international contexts as a condition to operate
We believe that to be effective, development actors need to know the local context but also the dynamics that guide the actions of governments and international organisations
Organisation and skills to be more effective
Engagement in international development requires the deployment of new skills by volunteers and professionals; we contribute to develop among practitioners greater awareness and competence
Creating bridges between theory and practice
We carry out study, analysis and evaluation of international development policies, programmes and projects with a view to learning from experience