European project “Global Schools: EYD 2015 to embed Global Learning in primary education”.
This is a 3-year EU-funded project that is led by the Autonomous Province of Trento (PAT) in Italy, with other partners from 10 different countries. The Training Centre for International Cooperation is partner in the project.
The project is aimed at 3 levels
  • Political: it aims to embed Global Learning (GL) into educational policies and curricula
  • Practical: it will support teachers to build confidence and understanding so that they can integrate GL into everyday teaching practice
  • Social: it promotes EYD and the post 2015 agenda as a vehicle to gain the involvement of teachers, parents and the wider community.
Multistakeholder structures at local, national and international levels will be set up to coordinate, share good practice and monitor the integration of GL in primary education curricula. Research will be done on teacher's training practices and results will be published. Local teaching advisers will be trained and international seminars set up to share experience.
Local networks of lead trained teachers in all partner countries will be set up to have the skills, resources and support to embed GL in a curriculum and they will then train others in a cascade system. They will research, design and publish new classroom resources and take part in an European exchange programme.
The EYD and post EYD agenda have been encouraged by the participation at the Expo 2015 and other high profile events as well as the organisation of school based events and local communities events.
The work of the project will be disseminated and publicised in all the partner countries through national and international seminars, conferences and events, a dedicated project website, and through co-applicants websites, newsletters, or other means.
As a result of the project, Global Learning (GL) for primary children should become an exciting underlying and integral part of their school experience and it will set them up to become active Global Citizens of the future.
  • 1st research meeting: The first meeting of researchers set up the road map but also the methodology for comparative policy analysis. 2nd -3rd July 2015.
  • Imparare dal mondo: course for school teachers that have joined the European project “Global Schools. Il mondo entra in classe”. From 23rd October 2015 to 19th February 2016.
  • Le associazioni entrano in classe: course for associations volunteers, primarily of international cooperation, which at the local level work in schools of Trentino. From 23rd October 2015 to 19th February 2016.
  • Presentazione del progetto Global Schools ad Expo 2015: From 26th to 31rst October 2015, TCIC and PAT at Cascina Triulza Expo Milano 2015 promoted their initiatives related to cooperation, development education and local actors that operate across our territory to help eradicate poverty and reduce inequality, protect human rights and promote peace among peoples, through regional partnerships and international activities of global education. Activities of the project Global Schools were also presented.
  • TESI - S come sviluppo. TCIC organized a cycle of seminars referred as TESI to stimulate critical reflection from the dialogue and confrontation between different subjects (institutional representatives, operators of international cooperation, academics and teachers). From October to December 2015.
  • Politiche locali per scuole globali. During the two-day work, local authorities, CSOs, scholars, school teachers and anyone engaged in education, development, sustainability, human rights issues had the chance to share their knowledge, skills and practices to identify strengths and challenges for innovating educational policies at the local, national and international level. 3rd - 4th December 2015. (All materials of the conference) (Speakers biographies).
  • Vado a scuola. Training seminar for teachers. 11th December 2015.
  • Il ruolo delle utopie nell'educazione alla cittadinanza mondiale. Conference on the role of utopia in global education.
  • Good morning, new Vietnam: seminar to describe the social, political, economic and cultural life of the country. From 4 th to 25 th November 2015.
  • Advocating for change: training dedicated to workers and coordinators of NGOs and associations interested in acquiring knowledge and tools to develop strategies and plan advocacy actions. From 19 th to 21st November 2015.
  • INTERVIEW to La Salete Coelho, Instituto Politécnico de Viana do Castelo, Portugal
  • INTERVISTA a Franz Halbartschlager, Suedwind - Agentur (EN)
  • INTERVISTA a Mario Giacomo Dutto, Iprase (IT)
  • INTERVISTA A Massimo Amadio, UNESCO (IT)
  • INTERVISTA a Katie Carr (CDEC) e Clive Belgeonne (DECSY) (EN)
Provincia autonoma di Trento, Comunità Volontari per il Mondo (CVM), Centro per la Formazione alla Solidarietà Internazionale,Regione Marche, Trócaire, St. Patrick’s College, Südwind Agentur, Land Tirol, Instituto Politécnico de Viana do Castelo,Municipality of Rezekne/Rēzeknes Novads, Cumbria Development Education Centre (CDEC), Le Partenariat, Ville de Dunkerque,Expert Support Association (ESA), Serdica District/Sofia Municipality, People in Need (PIN), Diputación provincial de Zaragoza