TCIC participates in qualified networks locally, nationally and internationally. This openness and availability to share and discuss allows it to have a dissemination and visibility channel for international development knowledge and practices experimented in Trentino. At the same time networking allows TCIC to keep up to date with global trends and fulfil its mission of circulating new content, knowledge and experiences to the local level.

Locally, TCIC:
  • provides training services and is available to over 270 associations of international solidarity based in the provincial territory
  • is one of the promoter of the " Trento Charter for better international cooperation " , which is the result of a participatory process, within the World Social Agenda, including institutional and non-governmental international development actors
  • works with local authorities interested in developing training and raising awareness of its citizens on international development issues
Nationally, TCIC:
  • joined CONCORD Italy, the Italian CONCORD Europe platform, which aims to stimulate and influence the political debate on international development at national and European level through advocacy actions and lobbying
  • works with the University Coordination for Development Cooperation ( CUCS ) through synergy with the University of Trento, a founding member of both the TCIC and CUCS
Internationally, TCIC:
  • adheres, through the Italian platform, to CONCORD Europe, the European federation representing more than 1600 NGOs and civil society organizations that deal with international development and humanitarian aid
  • participates in the activities of the Committee of the Regions, the EU consultative body representing local and regional authorities in Europe. In particular, TCIC regularly takes part in the biennial “Assises on decentralised cooperation " by presenting research and insights drawn from the experience of Trentino decentralised cooperation
  • is one of two Italian partners of the DEAR project "Global Schools", led by the Autonomous Province of Trento. The project, which intends to integrate Global Citizenship Education in the curriculum of primary education, involves a network of ten countries (Austria, Bulgaria, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Portugal, United Kingdom, Spain, Czech Republic) and seventeen actors including European local authorities and civil society organisations. Below the list of partners: Autonomous Province of Trento, Comunità Volontari per il Mondo (CVM), Training Centre for International Cooperation, Marche Region, Trócaire, St. Patrick’s College, Südwind Agentur, Land Tirol, Instituto Politécnico de Viana do Castelo, Municipality of Rezekne/Rēzeknes Novads, Cumbria Development Education Centre (CDEC), Le Partenariat, Ville de Dunkerque, Expert Support Association (ESA), Serdica District/Sofia Municipality, People in Need (PIN), Diputación Provincial de Zaragoza