The governing bodies include:
Members’ Meeting
It is the decision-making body with the broadest powers in relation to the institutional goals of the Training Centre for International Cooperation. It is composed of the founding members: the Autonomous Province of Trento, the Trentino Federation of Cooperatives, the Peace Bell Foundation of Rovereto and the University of Trento. Participating non-voting members are Board directors, auditors, representatives of the Trentino Forum for Peace and Human Rights, of the OECD LEED Trento Centre and of the Trentino-based nongovernmental development organisations.
This is the legal representative and is accountable for the implementation of the decisions taken by the decision-making bodies ensuring compliance with the Statute. Mauro Cereghini holds this role since 2014.
Board of Directors
This is the executive body that exercises all the powers of ordinary and extraordinary administration. It defines the guidelines and priorities for action, relying on the opinion of the Scientific Committee and on the contributions of the management level. It is composed of the representatives of the founding members and project partners.

Mario Raffaelli, Chairman; Elisa Zerlottin, VP; Micaela Bertoldi; Mauro Cereghini; Alberto Robol; Marco Tubino
Board of Auditors
This is the body responsible for the control and audit of the proper management of resources. Romina Paissan
Scientific Committee
This is the scientific advisory body supporting the Board on strategic choices - proposing research and training themes for in depth analysis - and on monitoring and evaluation of the quality of services.

Marco Tubino (University of Trento) - President

Anna Maria Gentili (University of Bologna)

Carla Locatelli (Deputy Rector for international relations at the University of Trento)

Members of the Committee are joined by Jenny Capuano (Director of the Training Centre for International Cooperation)

Stearing group
Jenny Capuano, Direction; Silvia Destro, Training; Barbara Maino, Administration and fundraising; Stefano Rossi, Networking and planning; Paola Zanon, Communication.