Autonomous Province of Trento
It is the local government of Trentino. It is an autonomous province of Italy that, besides the usual administrative function, has the power to legislate on matters normally under the jurisdiction of the national or regional level. It has a political representative dedicated to international development who is responsible for interventions in development cooperation, peace building and gender equality. The implementation of provincial legislation and regulations on international development falls within the remit of its Office for Emigration and International Solidarity (
Trentino Federation of Cooperatives
This is the organisation with the function of representation, assistance, support and review of the cooperative movement of the province of Trento. It brings together 539 cooperatives active in all sectors, with over 270 thousand members. It promotes the development of the cooperative movement, strengthens the organisation of cooperatives, coordinates their activities and directs their actions in favour of the most needy (
Peace Bell Foundation of Rovereto
It is an institution dedicated to the memory of the war dead and the culture of peace. It is responsible for the maintenance of the Bell "Mary Dolens", a bell forged with the bronze of cannons offered by the nations participating in the First World War, that honours every night with its chiming the fallen of all wars, regardless of faith or nationality, and directs a stern warning to the living: "No more wars". 84 countries adhere to it (
University of Trento
Founded in 1962 as Higher Institute of Social Sciences, over time it became a medium-sized university with 10 departments (Economics and Management; Law; Physics; Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering; Engineering and Information Science; Industrial Engineering; Humanities and Philosophy; Mathematics; Psychology and Cognitive Science; Sociology and Social Research) and 3 university centres that promote, coordinate and manage research and education activities. It offers Undergraduate, Masters and Doctoral degrees to more than 16 thousand students. The university pays great attention to its international dimension through cooperation with foreign universities that offers opportunities to study and work abroad, the establishment of courses in English and the presence of foreign lecturers in Trento (
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Trentino based non-governmental development organisations
The Trentino development sector is characterised by a multiplicity of actors, more than 270 associations, religious groups, foundations that implement development projects in several countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe and promote awareness-raising and development education in Trentino.
OECD LEED Centre for Local Development
The Centre provides assistance in the planning, implementation and evaluation of local development strategies, focusing on the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and the Balkans. On the basis of its twenty years of experience, it helps to develop and improve the ability to disseminate successful practices in local development, facilitates the transfer of expertise and exchange of experiences, strengthens the relationships between public officials, development workers and local scientific community and promotes participatory and representative democracy at the local level (
Trentino Forum for Peace and Human Rights
This is the permanent body established in 1991 by the Provincial Council of Trento to facilitate the participation of civil society in the promotion of a culture of peace, solidarity among peoples and respect for human rights. It organises activities and events, facilitates the introduction of peace and non-violence themes in school curricula, produces educational material, supports the establishment of scholarships and conducts research and documentation (