Our work is inspired by the following values
We place people at the centre as the fulcrum of relations
Our participatory approach makes people protagonists and results in training and research activities "tailored" to their needs and expectations. We promote access to our activities to different people (decision makers, practitioners, volunteers, citizens, youth). We value and entrust our associated trainers and researchers. We consider the people who work at the centre a primary resource for the continuous improvement of our activities and we foster their human, professional and cultural growth.
We consider international development an opportunity for reciprocity
We facilitate the sharing and exchange of knowledge and information to avoid duplication and multiply the opportunities to promote international solidarity. We encourage participants and trainers, outgoing and incoming, to establish reciprocal relations with actors of the “other” territory, paying attention to local specificities in the global world. Training and research activities facilitate peer meetings and promote mutual enrichment.
We practice eco-sustainability with a view to the future
We pay attention to a sustainable reception style and to the social behaviour of suppliers, chosen mainly from the cooperative world. We favour organic products, short chain and fair trade. We use sustainable forms of mobility (cycling, car-sharing). In the production of information material we limit the use of printing to reduce our ecological footprint; resources used in the classroom, notebooks and folders are produced with paper and printing that respect strict environmental standards; bags given to participants are made from recycled material by a social enterprise.
We pursue behaviours directed to social equity
We keep a balance between arrivals and departures to offer equal opportunities to move and travel to people from Trentino and citizens of other countries. For the accommodation of participants, trainers and speakers we choose structures conscious of their social impact. In the selection of employees and associates we value merit, skills and attitudes; we collaborate with associations that promote the employment of disadvantaged people.
We ensure a democratic and transparent management of the Centre
We propose to stakeholders opportunities for participatory planning and creative debate to facilitate their involvement in decision-making and encourage their participation in the formulation of our strategy. We promote the establishment of temporary working groups to plan different activities. In order to increase transparency of our actions, we write reports on the activities and annual reports; we are committed to provide social accounting, auditing and reporting and apply the ”Matrix of the Common Good”.