In recent decades the face of the planet changed profoundly: international relations, communication, work, politics, the idea of participation, consumption experienced changes and redefinitions. Even interaction modalities with the impoverished countries changed: development aid is only a part of what today is meant by international cooperation.
Consistent with a worldview able to interpret the profound changes taking place at the global level, the challenge of international development is to promote the building of relationships of trust and partnership between different regions and communities; relationships that enrich oneself providing new awareness fundamental also to read the own context.
The types of actors that today are called to give their contribution in defining a vision of international development are numerous: in addition to associations and NGOs there are local authorities, business and academia, individual citizens and civil society.
Having an including attitude, open to meeting the Other and to its needs is an imperative enshrined also in the Italian Constitution, which in Article 2 states: "The Republic recognises and guarantees the inviolable rights of the person, as an individual and in the social groups where human personality is expressed. The Republic expects that the fundamental duties of political, economic and social solidarity be fulfilled". A solidarity that crosses the national boundaries and extends to the entire planet.
Our mission is:
  • TRAIN for international development, the meaning of which is continually updated through careful RESEARCH that combines the most advanced theories with practice
  • Foster NETWORKING of different international relations, facilitating knowledge between different actors for an integrated and systemic approach
  • Promoting a CULTURE of solidarity, participation, discussion and active sharing between citizens